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My private park; click to expand
Here I am with a play group in my
private home dog park; click photo to enlarge

The artwork in my logo is a detail from the woodcut "Zoe and George," by Seattle artist Mette Hanson. Used by arrangement with the artist.

They’re all good dogs!

And they all deserve your love, and the best care you can give, but sometimes our busy lives conspire to keep us from being there enough to give our pooches the care and companionship they need. Face it; your dog probably isn’t happy being left alone all day. Dogs crave company and exercise; it makes them happier and better-behaved.

I love dogs, all kinds of dogs, and I can't think of a better way to spend my days then hanging out with my doggie friends.

I created Doglover Dogwalk to serve all those Seattle dogs home alone during the day, just itching to get out and have some fun! Your dog needs one-on-one attention and exercise that fits her age and physical condition every single day. This kind of increased daily attention will often reduce or eliminate bad habits such as chewing, excessive barking, and digging not to mention make your pup so happy.

I specialize in providing dog daycare where your dog can romp and play with a variety of other dogs. I do play groups in a safe private setting in my own yard; at left below my logo is a photo of me with a play group in our dog yard (75' by 55') (click the photo to enlarge).This kind of socialization is just as important as physical exercise in keeping your dog happy and healthy, and can be an important element in preventing or reducing problem behaviors. I feel much more comfortable letting the dogs play in my yard rather than taking a group of dogs to the dog park. It is difficult to keep control of a group of dogs in a setting that is constantly changing and crowded. The dogs that come to my play groups have the advantage of 100% safety and playing with the same dogs every time.

I also offer daycare for new puppies.

Call or email to schedule a time for you to come to my home and talk about your dog's specific needs, and plan the perfect program for her. Thanks! I look forward to meeting you and your dog.

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