I created Doglover Dogwalk to serve all those Seattle dogs home alone during the day, just itching to get out and have some fun! Your dog needs one-on-one attention and exercise that fits her age and physical condition every single day. This kind of increased daily attention will often reduce or eliminate bad habits such as chewing, excessive barking and digging, not to mention make your pup so happy. If you’re in North Seattle and you want the best dog care, look no further!

Play Groups

Dog socialization without the hassle


The play group: this isn’t just a dog daycare or dog walking, this is special. I provide play groups in our dog yard. At 75 feet by 55 feet, it is much larger than indoor dog care facilities, allowing your dog ample room to run, play fetch, chase, sniff all over, and always have a ton of fun. This kind of socialization is just as important as physical exercise in keeping your dog happy, healthy and can be an important element in preventing or reducing behavioral problems. The dogs that come to my play groups have the advantage of 100% safety and playing with the same dogs every time.

Complimentary shuttle to and from your own home

Secure and private yards

Extensive space for exercise

Limited group sizes for maximum benefit


$25 per day – minimum of 2 scheduled days per week
$10 for each additional dog from same household

New Puppy Care

Care and attention when it matters most


Brand new puppies need a lot of care and attention the first few weeks, and most doggie daycares do not accept puppies under 16 weeks of age. The initial period, when a puppy gets housebroken and acclimated to a new home and new “parents” will determine in large part what kind of dog your pup grows up to be. A puppy that’s left alone all day is likely to become fretful and insecure, which can result in destructive behavior and aggressiveness or withdrawn behavior later in life. Housebreaking also takes much longer if no one is there during the day. So how can you get a new puppy and still go to work?

I offer a way to do that without using your sick leave, vacation time or abandoning your business: let me care for your new family member. I grew up in a family that raised puppies and I have raised many puppies. I can be there during that critical initial period, to provide love, attention, and house training.

One puppy at a time for maximum care and attention

Complimentary shuttle to and from your home

Your puppy will be with me the entire time

Work on house-training, feeding, and crate training


Rates are based on your needs. Please contact me to discuss rates

Dog Shuttle

Hassle free transport so your dog can play


For my play group dogs, as well as boarding and new puppies, I provide a complimentary shuttle for your dog! Don’t worry about the need to drop off or pick up your pup. With my dog mobile, I take the hassle out of your day. It also means more play time for your dog!


Included in dog play groups and puppy care!